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Barbara A. Jackson

Barbara A. Jackson aka Miss Magic Sounds

Barbara A. Jackson is the author of the “Magic Sounds” Reading program. She began her teaching career in the Philadelphia School District in 1959. Ms. Jackson taught first grade for 30 years.

Ms. Jackson created “Magic Sounds” out of a need to make the fundamentals of reading more understandable to children. Parents have been delighted at seeing how quickly and easily their children have learned to read. Now, her method is available to you.

Graduated from Cheyney State University, Cheyney, PA in 1958, Miss Barbara Jackson spent all of her teaching career in the Philadelphia Public School District, teaching first grade. In 1975, Miss Jackson created the Magic Sounds Beginning Reading Program out of a need to make the fundamentals of reading more understandable to children. Parents delighted at seeing how easily and quickly their children successfully learned to read with phonics. Ms. Jackson’s newer version of Magic Sounds — presented all in exciting poetry– now, is available to you.

Acknowledgements / Dedications

This book is dedicated to Dr. Ethel Turner my reading methods professor and mentor at Cheyney State University, Cheyney, PA. Without Dr. Turner’s devotion and enthusiasm for excellence in teaching how to teach children to read and her coaching on how children learn to read, Magic Sounds Beginning Reading Program would not exist.

A Special Gratitude

To Barbara Jean (Little) Bundick, my classroom aide, for her devotion, and love for children; also, for keeping me in focus, I thank her.


Congratulations to the hundreds of first grade students, I taught over many years, and who learned to read with great facility through Magic Sounds. I thank them for the fond memories of how they learned to read through Magic Sounds; and in many cases for sharing their outcomes and the influence Magic Sounds had on their continuing education through high school, college, and their careers. Of the many outstanding pupils I have taught, two especially come to mind. The first student was a handsome young lad who initially had great difficulty sounding out words merely for lack of tempo. He soon caught on — found his own rhythm and beat — shouted out loudly in class with astonishment when he realized he could read exciting his classmates when they heard him say: “This is like magic!” Walla – The name, Magic Sounds, was born! The second student was a beautiful young lassie who grasped quickly how to sound out words with great skill and fluency. She presented me with her keepsake, a golden key trinket that dangled from a frayed blue ribbon, and told me that she didn’t need it anymore and that I could keep it or give it to someone else, because she knows how to read, now! Abracadabra – The Magic Sounds’ logo was created…. a Gold Key!


I am especially thankful to Dr. Russell A. Jackson, my oldest brother, for his confidence in Magic Sounds and for his never-ending willingness to proof read and offer enhancements and improvements to Magic Sounds.