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Oral Reading / Top 10 Benefits!

Date: February 6, 2014 Author: barjac Categories: General

Here’s a shout out for children to improve their ability to read orally. Reading out loud sharpens children’s minds, stimulates character, and expands awareness. Most children’s first love for reading comes from hearing someone read to them. Unfortunately, today, for the average person, reading orally to another is a fading art. So, let’s inspire children to receive the marvelous rewards from reading proudly to their dears, peers, and spheres.

The benefits of oral reading:
1. Strengthens voice control… Through modulation, moods are set.
2. Fosters reading in conversational style… By heeding the punctuation marks, the start / pause / stop symbols, sounding natural develops.
3. Encourages vocabulary building… Unfamiliar words become prominent; tendency to skip over words lessens.
4. Aids comprehension and retention… Helps stabilize the inability to stay focused. Also, an excellent proof reading procedure to do letter by letter, word by word, syllable by
syllable, sentence by sentence, and paragraph by paragraph.
5. Builds confidence… Regular practice boosts self-assurance.
6. Encourages pronouncing words in syllables… Realizing words have accents and beats ensure enunciation.
7. Influences speaking in structured sentences… Recognizing the different kinds of sentences and word patterns promote speaking grammatically.
8. Enhances spelling… Seeing, saying, and hearing the word is a good spelling technique to learn.
9. Improves silent reading… Becoming aware of making common errors, helps eliminates habitual mistakes.
10. Preparation for public speaking and stage performances… Realizing the fear and insecurity of reading in front of an audience, practicing orally sets the stage!

Oral reading and silent reading are complementary skills. Besides that, reading out loud to oneself or to an audience is beneficial in many ways; also, fun, as well!

Barbara A. Jackson, M.ED.
Book author